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Exterior Cladding – Getting it Right

The exterior cladding or finishing material of your home has more than just an esthetic value – it is what will protect your home’s structure from the elements, keep critters away and keep you warm and dry on the inside. The kind of cladding you choose will depend on the climate in which you live, […]

Innovative Roofing Ideas

Roofing is one of those elements of housing that is often relegated to the back of a homeowner’s mind. The only time that people actually think about their roof is when it is leaking. When it comes to your home’s covering, there are many options on the market from which to choose, however, most people […]

142 Pleasant Ridge Rd.

142 Pleasant Ridge Rd. listed in Brantford
by John E. Deoliveira

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Smart Homes and How to Get One

Smart home technology used to be a thing of the future – but is it increasingly part of the now. Although not yet as widely available as the wiring for surround sound or an underground sprinkler system, smart home technology is now available to those who are interested in what it has to offer. So, […]

Using Repurposed/Recycled Materials in Your Green Toronto Home

When it comes to green home construction or renovation, there are a number of innovative ways to lower your building’s footprint. Using recycled, reclaimed or repurposed materials is among the best ideas. Not only is it an eco-friendly way of using up materials that would otherwise end up in landfill but, in many instances, the […]


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Water Saving Features for your Green Toronto Home

We tend to believe that water flows in abundance and, in our homes, we generally use more than necessary given the seemingly endless supply. However, with drought affecting many communities globally and water pollution on the rise, more communities are installing water meters to charge residents for their water consumption. In the following article we […]

Green Home Architecture

Green architecture are buzzwords that are gaining in strength and credence as more people begin to understand what the craze is about. In the not-too-distant past, people were understandably wary of green home architecture as the eco-friendly buildings produced in that category were not as comfortable or inviting as standard homes. However, big strides have […]

Renewable Energy for your Toronto Home

There is no question that energy costs in Ontario are high. There is also no question that renewable energy sources are gaining in momentum and that larger numbers of people are interested in finding out more about them. Although most folk are not ready to overhaul their existing power source structure, it is worth knowing […]

It’s Earth Month – A Look at Green Initiatives

April is earth month! The eco-home movement is growing steadily and greater numbers of homeowners are curious about what “green” means, how they can lower their home’s footprint and how they can start down a green path in a manner that will not significantly impact their daily lives. What does “Green” mean? The term “green” […]