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Toronto Backyard Oases

Backyards are no longer considered just a patch of land for growing grass and putting out a couple of lawn chairs. Backyard designs have evolved to turn these private spaces into personal havens of enchantment and escape. With just a little bit of imagination you can transform your yard into a resort-like retreat for enjoying […]


Check out Blog TO’s House of the Week – 300 Manitoba Street. The photos were done by Imaginahome. Additional photos can be found on our website.

Pool Time in Toronto!

It’s summertime in Toronto and pool season is open! There’s nothing like a crystal pool of clear and refreshing water to take the edge off those 30-degree days. Whether you want to simply soak for a bit, party, play or exercise, pools are the ultimate backyard boost for those water-babies who love the aqua. When […]

Decks vs Patios

Decks and patios are now key features looked for by homebuyers when on the hunt for a new home. With the creation of the “outdoor living space” these structures have almost become a necessity. As a homeowner wondering whether to install a deck or a patio, there are a few items to keep in mind. […]

Toronto Perennials vs Annuals

The eternal question when planning a garden is whether to include perennials or annuals in your design. The right answer is somewhere in the middle as both varieties of plants are used for different purposes. Perennials Perennials are plants that return every year, require little maintenance and will produce attractive, fragrant flowers – but for […]

Toronto Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping the grounds of your Toronto home may not seem like a necessity given our relative abundance of water, however, it is a trend that has been gathering steam over the past few years. Xeriscaping is landscaping to reduce irrigation and water usage. Although commonly believed to only include plants that are associated with dry […]

Upping Your Curb Appeal

The first impression anyone has of your home is what they see when they pull up in front of your door. Whether you have a one-bedroom studio townhouse or a palatial estate set on several acres of land, your home’s curb appeal will be what people take away from your property. How your home presents […]

Lighting Up Your Life

Lights can add atmosphere, create a mood and really get a party going – they can also soothe a child to sleep and help drain the stress from your body. Finding the perfect lighting for your Toronto home takes just a little effort. However, once you find that perfect mix of atmospheric and functional lighting, […]

Wonderful Windows for your Toronto Home

Choosing windows for your Toronto home is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly as windows can completely alter the look of your residence. Whether you want to keep it simple or spice it up, windows can be the perfect accent for your style. Given the number of choices when it comes to materials finding something […]

Wood, Ceramics, Porcelain and More – Finding your Floor

Finding the perfect flooring for your home can be a fun project. There are just so many choices and styles from which to choose that it is possible to find the perfect flooring for your needs and tastes. Depending on your budget and the rooms that need new flooring, there is an option that will […]